The future of electric vehicles is happening now and we are the software partner who creates it.

Our research & development team called EVLAB works on solutions and products in following areas:

electric vehicle is charging
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EVSE firmware / software

  • AC/DC chargers displays software
  • Kiosk mode for Android/Linux based screens
  • OCPP implementation
  • MODBUS/CAN implementation
  • IoT cloud integration
  • UI/UX design and flow optimisation
  • Remote updates & maintenance
  • MDM (mobile device management) integration

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CSMS Chargers Management Systems

  • Availability of the chargers
  • Transactions / loading
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Web dashboards
  • Mobile client app
  • Backoffice for admins and operators
  • Multitenant solutions – SaaS or On-Premises installations
  • External tools integrations with the use of webhooks
  • OCPI implementation

Dynamic Load Management

  • Splitting the available energy from one circuit to multiple chargers
  • Possibility to balance the speed of charging per client
  • Setting the limits of charging speed remotely (via API)

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Payments & Invoicing

  • Payments module – calculations & innovative payments methods integrations
  • Biling and invoicing
  • Reports & Trends

TecDoc Integrations

We perform TecDoc Integration, i. e. the integration of data concerning car parts from various manufacturers with a data catalog which is a standard in the European market.

We have extensive experience in this field. Since the beginning of our activity, we have offered import, export, and PIM integrated with TecDoc. It enables sales on e-commerce platforms like Amazon or eBay. We operate on the B2B market, but we are also familiar with B2C. We know how to conduct effective commercial transactions in the marketplace. Integration with the TecDoc catalog requires proficiency and knowledge, and we can advise you in every aspect, as we are well-acquainted with various business models.

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Catalogs TecDoc

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Other catalogs

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Export/ Import from TecDoc

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Data analytics

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Tools for autoparts PIM

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B2B/B2C for vehicle parts

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Autoparts data analysis

What are the business benefits?

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Support for integration

with the TecDoc catalog

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Professional consulting on various business models

Related to the sale of automotive parts on the marketplace

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Effective increase of sales effectiveness

On the B2B and B2C markets


We are on our way to achieve a leading position among software companies creating solutions for the electric vehicles sector.

We have been supporting the automotive industry for over 16 years through system integrators, auto-parts e-commerce, data analysis and processing, as well as consulting with software development experts. Our experience in the automotive industry enables us to successfully adapt our IT solutions to the current market needs.

Our solutions are the answer to your business needs. We successfully develop software, perform e-commerce data migration, and data analysis. We work based on DevOps. Our goal is to improve the quality of your business operations using technologies developed for the electric vehicles auto parts sector. It doesn’t always have to mean a big change – let’s discuss it.

Senior DevOps Engineer man with a mug

How do we do it? We work holistically.

We always start by getting to know your needs and expectations. Based on this information we design effective solutions, which are then validated by the whole project team. We find out what your expectations are, present our ideas, work out solutions and validate them. We present the results after each sprint/iteration that lasts 1-2 weeks and implement changes based on your remarks.

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What are the business benefits?

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Your business is our priority

Data security and business strategy in the first place.

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Saving time

We base every project on transparent and open communication, which enables us to effectively estimate the time needed to implement particular stages of the project.

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Saving money

Efficient adaptation in a changing business environment allows for quick adjustment of the solution to the current market needs, which has a direct impact on reducing project costs.

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Stability of solutions

Based on 16 years of experience in the auto parts industry.

Custom Solution Development

Custom Solution Development is all about customizing our technology to fit your needs and capabilities.

Our expertise allows us to provide innovative solutions for the electric vehicles auto parts sector.

If you are planning to scale up and need a service to help you achieve your goal, we are here to help. We create online stores, modernize existing solutions, integrate systems with Amazon or eBay, and write personalized software.

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Solution Design

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Product Design

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Architecture Design

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API Development

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How do we do it? A customized solution.

Once we know your expectations, we will propose a customized solution to provide you with a market advantage.

  • We will deliver a demo version in fixed iterations, which will allow us to react faster to market changes and introduce necessary improvements.
  • The agile methodology ensures transparency in collaboration and space to test new ideas.
  • As a result, you will optimize expenses and improve workflow management which will ultimately affect the project’s outcome.
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What are the business benefits?


Innovative solutions for market advantage

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Transparent collaboration in iterations:

workflow management and complete clarity

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Flexible solutions based on your business needs

Cloud & DevOps

Cloud and DevOps are the innovations that indicate the direction for future development in the electric vehicle auto parts sector.

DevOps-based operations ensure continuity of software development and agility of your current system. As a result, the data you operate on is not held back and your servers run properly.
DevOps and Cloud are about changing the work culture and providing synergy between software development and the company’s auto parts management systems. This mode of operation streamlines the ordering process, redirects user traffic, and ensures the availability of cloud-based operations. Your customers won’t even realize there has been an update, and you will be able to expand your operations to new markets.

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Process automation in project life cycle

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System features design

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Tools integrations

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Cloud cost analysis

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What are the business benefits?

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Scaling business

We use proven technologies to automate your business and enable you to conquer new markets.

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Security of solutions

We know the value of developing the right solution from the very beginning. Our team will save your time and help you avoid mistakes in the project.

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Speed and transparency

Functional solutions based on DevOps.

Our services are independent of each other, but they work best when integrated.

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Why is a comprehensive service the best choice?

We can generate solutions that improve your business: from electric vehicles lab, TecDoc integration to custom solution development.

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Easier and faster scalability

Using proven technologies makes it easier to expand into other markets.

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We implement and monitor the implemented software

We provide data analysis so you can monitor progress and verify operations on an ongoing basis.

See what our clients says about us

Here’s what our long-term partners have to say about working with i4B.

The partnership with i4B has been one decision we are proud of! Our partnership started with only a small team but quickly grew to double digits, supporting us on our most strategic projects such as our internal ERP consolidation and our external Garage Management System rollout – and all delivered impressive results! The i4B team have been a truly integrated, trusted and vital partner in the LKQ landscape than simply a software development supplier. Their domain knowledge, flexibility, ability to adapt and desire to understand our business have been key to the success of the engagement. The team always go above and beyond to deliver on time!

Jodie Mullard

Director of Digital Customer Experience, LKQ Europe

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